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Iraq has gone through many changes since 1971. The Iraq Iran war caused many changes in the balance of power in the region. Regime security is a main factor at play in understanding key decisions. The rise and fall of… Continue Reading →

Greenbelt in Morocco

Morocco is another country in North Africa that is extremely at risk of increasing desertification. The Moroccan city of Ouarzazate is a main tourist city that is also very vulnerable to desertification because it is in a bare plateau in… Continue Reading →

Acacias for All

Desertification is an ongoing problem that is causing harm in North Africa. Tunisia is especially affected by the expansion of the desert and has been struggling with this problem for some time. The Tunisian government at this time, has not… Continue Reading →

Resolving the Conflict between Israel and Palestine

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict has had its ups and downs for many years now. While there have been movements and improvements towards peace, there are still a few points left in the final status talks that need to be decided on…. Continue Reading →

Conan, the Hero Dog

At this point I’m sure you’ve all heard about the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but have you heard about the dog, Conan, that lead to his death? These dogs have been trained to focus solely on the… Continue Reading →

Water Footprint

In todays world, day to day we experience so many luxuries that we take for granted. One of these things is our accessibility to water. My personal water footprint is 1,595 gallons of water per day. https://waterfootprint.org/en/water-footprint/what-is-water-footprint/ In calculating my… Continue Reading →

My Ideology

Others and Myself

     I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. in a place called Reston, Virginia. I like to think that I was fortunate enough to live in a fairly diverse part of the world. Even so, I was… Continue Reading →

Where I Live, Where They Live

Growing up in the United States, immediately there will be differences in learning and understanding that will separate my knowledge from Middle Easterners. Though I grew up in a fairly diverse suburb of Washington, D.C., I cannot pretend that this… Continue Reading →

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