Author: knipps

Relationship change with media

One of the things that most surprised me in the talks about media was just overall going more in depth about what happens in the media in the MENA region. It has shown how I personally may be taking the media freedoms I have for granted. In the MENA region there is very little access in some area or at certain points in time and I personally do not experience that, my relationship with media has changed in a more appreciative way, I do not have to work around censorships and I can get more information about various topics without having to worry much about if it is censored or allowed. I am able to be exposed to more news stories which is something that not everyone in the world is able to be exposed to.

Media Effects

media has many effects, a big effect is issue framing, in the study of Egypt I found an article in which it states “Under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the military dominates governance as never before and has become increasingly rapacious. His regime is helping military companies to crowd out the private sector in the economy as well as diverting scarce government resources away from critical needs of the Egyptian people and towards arms purchases and vanity megaprojects.” (Dunne, Michelle, 2020)

This is an example of issue framing, it is framing the issue of allocation of resources to look a certain way, when in reality this is not exactly the case in Egypt. I have talked to several people who I know who are from Egypt and they have said that the president of Egypt has actually in fact been doing a good job in terms of allocation of resources while this is subjective and opinion based it is still a form of issue framing.