Based on what I have learned over the course of the semester I have found that the role and significance of mass media is big. The conveying of information as well as the access to information is big in the making of political decisions from the citizens, it is also an important to be able to understand and know what is going on in any region. Another factor is that the regimes hold power over the citizens through the control of the media they can influence decisions and set agendas. This is a significant role that the media possesses. To control the agenda and what people see will vastly affect them overall and the decisions they make. Even in the United States media plays a big role in politics and issue salience. It can dictate how we feel or view issues, it can also make people want to be more or less active, whether is be politically, socially etc. Media plays a role in how people interact with each other as well, this could be based off of how one views something. It again also shows us issues at hand or even violence that occurs in every day life.
Journalism contributes fairly equally in negative and positive aspects, journalism can act as a watch dog and hold certain regimes accountable, it can also show information all around the world that may not be talked about otherwise, this offers a positive way in which journalism can be viewed. It can also promote freedom of speech, some journalists despite being threatened in the MENA region continue to report on certain events as they are crucial to see. However, there are also negative aspects, such as the journalists who are corrupt and are willing to twist stories as well as to show, or not show, certain stores or information that may be important to be seen. The showing of false information or the lack of showing certain information is not a productive or contributive aspect of journalism. This is just one of the ways it may be seen as bad however, there are again the aspects of journalism that are productive and needed in society. People need someone who is willing to show real information and keep others informed. without this there would be very little know about a lot of places as well as a lack of help or intervention when it is needed. As a whole journalism is a positive contributor to society, all good things do come with faults, which is just the nature of being, but in this case the good outweighs most bad that may be seen.