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One thing I find very interesting is the role of youth in the push towards solutions for the climate crisis. On November 5, at the climate conference in Glasgow, young climate leaders faced negotiators, ministers, and officials to demand action to prevent catastrophic climate change within the lifetime of younger generations. Many younger climate-activists are anxious and fearful about the future of our planet and it is important our voices be heard which was recognized by COP26 President, Alok Sharma. Many leaders and countries are taking steps to empower youth and give them tools needed to face climate change head on and that is exactly what we need for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Nuclear Enegery

Nuclear power plants are great in the aspect of generating clean, renewable energy without polluting the air or releasing greenhouse gasses. However, the byproduct is radioactive material and can be extremely toxic; causing burns, increasing the risk for cancers and blood disease. Does this make them worth it when there are other alternatives? Do we need nuclear in order to become net zero? Ideally, we will find alternate solutions that don’t present health risks, however, given our current environmental climate and the urgency to become net zero and reduce greenhouse gases, nuclear may be a short-term solution while we work towards more friendly, long-term infrastructure and systems.

Media Bias Post

The news source I chose to focus on is CBS News as it the news source I see most on TV. It is left skewed which does not surprise me as that is the political view of my parents and thus why it was most often played around our household. The bias rating is -3.75 and a reliability rating of 46.95, meaning it is a relatively unbiased news source. I don’t see news so much anymore, but growing up, which is primarily when it was being played, I never would have thought to question if it was biased or not, so the rating of the source don’t really come as a shock to me.

Position on reducing carbon emissions

I chose to take the neutral position on reducing fuel emissions as I did not find fully converting to EV cars as a viable, wide scale solution. It is expensive and unreasonable to think everyone has the capability to buy a new electric car to replace the fuel cars that dominate society. However, I should have taken the “we need to cut down position,” as I do believe the need to be cut down for the health of our environment. In class I chose the side of “neutral” because I was thinking of it as an all or nothing, when realistically it is not and there are multiple options when thinking of solutions to reducing carbon emissions even it is one small step at a time in the right direction.

Letter #1 rewrite

It is easy to blow off health care reform if you are healthy. However, for people with chronic conditions, it is an uphill and ongoing battle. More than 40% of Americans suffer from chronic illness and the system is failing them. Although you may be healthy, odds are one of your loved ones will one day suffer from a chronic illness.

I am 62 years old and living with congenital myasthenia gravis syndrome for which there is no cure. Sure, I am living, but I do not feel alive. Every day I grow a little bit weaker, and I tire so easily that no amount of sleep can keep me active through an entire day. Although my mind remains sharp, my body is deteriorating daily.

I have applied for long-term health insurance five times and have been rejected five times. I have been turned down five times because I have a pre-existing condition, including two rejections from AARP.

The goal of long-term health insurance is to help cover the costs of care when you have a long-lasting chronic disease and help people live as independently and safely as possible. That sound great, doesn’t it?

It would be if that system hadn’t failed me. Our health care system is broken and needs reformed. I am responsible for the cost of anything medical-related: doctor’s visits, medications, scans, etc. They are expensive, but necessary for me to be able to live my life, and as I said, I am barely living. I have depleted all my assets to cover these expenses.

Is that the life you’d want for someone you love? Sacrificing everything to cover medical expenses and life a half-full life. I am trapped in a body too feeble and incapable to provide me the beautiful life I once lived.

Reform is needed. To create a system that can’t turn me and others like me away, leaving us without insurance, to not only suffer with our illness, but financially ruined because of seeking help.

Please, people of Pennsylvania, think about how the system is failing me and how one day someone you love could be standing in my shoes. Do not blow off health care reform because you are not directly affected. One day you could be, and you would wish that there were people in your corner to advocate for you. Please, every day that goes by without change is sight is a day I lose a little more hope.