Meet Sammy!  Sammy is a 10 year old Pekingese. She naps a lot but also has extremely energetic moments. She can walk up the steps but not down, so she stays at the 2nd floor. When anyone in my direct family comes into the house she will greet them with a wagging tail and licks at the top of the steps. However, if anyone else walks in she will bark very fiercely. After they leave, she will continue to bark for hours. At night, Sammy loves to sleep at the end of my bed. Since I left for college, she barks every night until my parents bring her down to my bedroom even though I’m not there. If we leave the house for more than a day she will refuse to eat or drink water until we return. We believe this is out of spite for us leaving her alone. She also loves to sunbathe anywhere the windows let sun into the house. She will move throughout the day to follow the sun.