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Phone Recording Adapter

If you need to record an interview, but can’t access the interviewee in person, a phone recording adapter is an excellent piece of equipment. These adapters simply connect to the phone you are using and an audio recorder, allowing you to easily record your phone conversations.


IMovie Tutorial

iMovie 2011 Tutorial


Wireless Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone

These Lavalier (Lapel) microphones operate similarly to our XLR lavalier microphones, but with the added convenience of wireless technology. If you need to record or amplify audio while moving around, the wireless lavalier microphone is a good choice.



The Media Center has several types of tripods available for use with our video and still cameras. Using a tripod can help when you need to set up a stable video shot or line up a picture just right. Dollies are also available for use with the tripods.


Transcription Pedal

Transcription pedal can connect to your PC or Mac via USB to control the playback of dictation. The pedals allow you to start and stop the audio without moving your hands from your keyboard, allowing for faster audio transcription  We also have transcription software available in the Media Center.


Audiotape Transcriber

An audiotape transcriber is a tool for the transcription and annotation of a recording. It supports multiple hierarchical layers of segmentation, named entity annotation, speaker lists, topic lists, and overlapping speakers. If you’re working with digital audio, however, it might be better to check out one of our USB transcription pedals which work seamlessly with most transcription software.













The Media Center has a variety of speaker sets available which can be used with a computer. These can be used to boost audio for a presentation or when showing video.


Projection Screen

The Media Center has projection screens available for setting up backgrounds for projection, for use with our data projectors.


Presentation Remote

Kensington Wireless Presenter 33374

We have two types of wireless presentation remotes available. Both are easy to use, simply connecting via USB to any computer, and can be used to advance slides or other presentation features without needing to move to the computer. Additionally, our remotes have built-in laser pointers.


GorillaPod Mini Tripods

Our GorillaPod mini tripods are small and convenient to use on a table and are fully articulated, allowing them to achieve a variety of angles and setups that a normal tripod just wouldn’t be able to. The GorillaPods are available in two sizes, the size pictured above and a mobile size that is convenient to use with some of our smaller cameras.

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