Month: February 2011

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Why Do Animated Videos Work?

Have you ever seen videos from Common Craft?  Amazing, aren’t they?   The reason they are so great is because they take complex topics and simplify them so everyone can easily understand them.

In the Media Center, we are always trying to find ways to deliver tutorials and trainings so people can get the most out of it and not get confused.  Common Craft posted this blog discussing why animated videos work so well when trying to inform people.

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Documentary Film

Professor David Warfield in his documentary film class


Everything is a Remix Part 2

Part 2 of the Everything is a Remix series focuses on film this time around.  Films like Star Wars and Kill Bill are highlighted.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.


Podcast & Studio Lights!

The Media Center was able to create two new podcast nooks and one large studio over the summer to accommodate the need for sound buffered areas for recording voice and music.  People love using the rooms although we found it was hard to sometimes verify if the rooms were in use since there a no windows on the door.  We certainly didn’t want to interrupt a recording in process so we invested in new lights that were installed outside the rooms so we could be sure when people were recording.  Stop by the media center to check out the new addition and play with the technology in the recording booths!


Teaching and Learning with YouTube

Check out these YouTube Channels:

Smithsonian Videos

TED Talks

The Khan Academy

PBSBiography Channel

Yale University Courses

UC Berkeley

Stanford University

Associated Press

The University of Houston

National Geographic

The Open University

Discovery Channel


History Channel

NPR Radio PicturesThe White House

United Nations

American Film Institute

MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art


What motivates you?

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Found this from the Planet Money Blog post What Motivates Employees? (Hint: Not Money)

Find more RSA Animate at their YouTube Channel

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