Month: October 2012

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Video gets an upgrade via Popcorn Maker

Ryan Merkley, Chief Operating Officer at the Mozilla Foundation, debuted Popcorn Maker at TED. Making video fully interactive and remixable. Check out the video, the remix, and Popcorn Maker yourself.



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The Media Center has several types of lenses available for use with our Digital SLR cameras. While all of our DSLRs come with a lens, we also have wide angle, macro, and telephoto lens available for more specific uses. Additionally, we now have a fish eye lens available with 180 degree angle of view. This lens has very unique and intriguing effects which give photos dramatic and exaggerated perspectives. Here is an example:


Podcast Nooks

The Media Center has 3 A/V Podcast Rooms available with adequate equipment to record, including 2 microphones for voice or instruments, 1 mini mixer, 1 keyboard, and 1 iMac with recording apps, such as Garageband, Audacity, & IMovie.

Don’t let the small space fool you, the podcast rooms are a student favorite for audio projects of all sorts. With a quiet space to work and various programs like Garageband and Audacity, students and faculty alike come by to do podcasts, music recordings, and many other sorts of projects. If you need a quiet space to work on an audio project for you or for a small group look no further than a Podcast Nook.

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