Month: August 2013

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New Semester, New Look!

We here at the Media Center  have upgraded our look for fall 2013. Over the summer we’ve upgraded our furniture and reorganized the podcast rooms to create a more spacious area for you and your friends to record digital media.

Work desks in the hallway now have state of the art iMacs with a 27 inch screen (the biggest ones on campus!) and a terabyte of space. These new iMacs have  every Adobe program available on the Creative Cloud everything from Photoshop and Illustrator or Audition and After Effects. Our accounts, and in house media center expertise, can help you familiarize yourself with any of the new software programs down here. So come on down and check out our new look this semester. I have a feeling you’ll love it!


MC Magnets


Hot off of the presses!  This year’s MC Magnet is available.  First years can look for one in their orientation packet.  We still have some previous years versions available so you can create even more bizarre word combinations!

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Ever needed to capture a rapidly moving shot while trying to keep your camera level and steady? Your solution is here. The glidecam allows you to put a SDHC, 3MOS, etc. on top of the mount and use it to keep a steady shot while you move. This is invaluable for shots where you need to move in patterns a dolly won’t allow while keeping a similar quality of shot.


Vello Wireless Remote (DSLR Accessory)


Ever wanted to photograph a known hotspot for wildlife but were having trouble getting shots without scaring everything off as you approached to get your shot? Or perhaps just wanted to do an easy self portrait with a DSLR? The new Vello Wireless Remote makes these exact kinds of tasks possible. Not only does it allow you to take a shake-free shot that blurs certain close-ups, macro shots, or long exposure shots, but it also allows you to get shots that normally would be impossible (i.e. getting certain “genuine” shots in street/people photography that would be tainted with “live” photography as they inevitably altered their facial expression with a photographer in front of them).


Headphone Amplifier


Need to add a kick to your headphones? We have the solution. With the new Fiio headphone amps, you can get that boost while you listen. Just plug the headphones into the amp and you’re set to go. They’re fresh on our shelves so come down and give them a try.


GoPro Camera Accessories


The GoPro camera alone is a powerful little device and can still record awesome video, but its true genius lies in its ability to serve as an action camera used in-field to film some of the coolest videos there are. From mountain biking to wingsuit basejumping, this baby can get it done. To accomodate various filming goals different students and faculty may have, we have a wide variety of features including:
– Head mount
– Bike mount
– Rail mount
– Chest mount
– Case
– Waterproof plate
– Regular plate
– Variable length mount plates & screws
– Remote
– Batteries

Come by and grab a GoPro today and make your own “heroic” video as they advertise, and grab the accessories you need to make it right.

Media Center Gaming: 2013-2014

One thing that we like to continually stress down at the Media Center is that while professors may assign those podcast projects that make you feel like your head will explode, we’re more than just a place for work. One of the areas Todd Bryant has helped us tread forward in is gaming. Todd thought that one way students interested in learning another language could immerse themselves in an enjoyable way would be to play story heavy games where the dialogue would be rich enough to enhance a speaker’s vocabulary, reading, and comprehension of a language while they kicked back and enjoyed their time. To make this idea become a reality, the Media Center got some of the latest and most critically reviewed titles ranging from Skyrim, Bioshock, Dishonored, Uncharted (1-3) and more. We have a PS3, a Wii, and an Xbox, so if you’re interested in doing some aerobics, we do have WiiSports, WiiFit, and Xbox Kinect Adventures to get the blood pumping. Of course most titles also come equipped with English settings if the dialogue stumps you or you just want to kick back for a little and enjoy life without being reminded of your dreaded 8:30 A.M. Spanish class. Either way, we have the games for you; come by the Equipment Room and ask the student worker to get you set up with whatever it is you’d like to play!

Special thanks to Dickinson student Sam Kelly for the letting us use one of his techno pieces in this video (The 2nd song).

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