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Spring 2014 Media Exposé

The Media Center held its first Media Exposé on Saturday 4/26 to showcase student work from the past academic year.  Thanks goes out to everyone who submitted their work and also to those who showed up for the event itself.


Samsung Sports Cam


Meet the Newest Member to the Media Center Family (of equipment), The Samsung Sports Cam HMX-W300!

It operates similar to the flip, so it shouldn’t be too hard to learn how to use! I’d like to try it out myself!

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Jiahao Han(Jacky)

Hey all,

My name is Jiahao Han, but I prefer if you call me Jacky. You might guess that my name has something to do with Jacky Chan, but actually no, my English teacher randomly picked this name for me.

I’m an international student from Xi’an, China, the old capital of China for 13 dynasty, including Qin Dynasty. The famous Terra Cotta Warriors were located within one hour driving distance from my home, and yes, I have the autograph of the farmer who found the first warrior.

I still remember I got my first laptop when I was 12, and unfortunately it was stolen 3 months later. (A thief actually went into my house and stole it!) But my love for technology-related stuff never went away. I love photography, video-editing, music, and of course playing video games. (In case you’re interested, my LOL name is BananaHak)

As you can see from the category, I will become a student assistant in the media center next year. I am really excited about the job, and really looking forward to working with you! I will be sitting in the office and waiting for you like this: photo 1

Nah! Just kidding, I will look like this:

photo 2

Anyway, please stop by the media center and find me. We have really cool stuff to show you!

Stephan Sieg Experiments with Green Screen

Check out Stephan Sieg’s green screen video pieces he made for Todd Arsenault’s Digital Studio course:


Edited with Final Cut Pro [Available in the Media Center]

Old Tech, New Twist

20140421_0017 20140421_0018

20140421_0019 20140421_0020

Today at the media center we’ve been playing with a new Pick Punch!  We’re recycling old media storage devices, cards, and CDs to make guitar picks sustainably from unused pieces of hardware.  Want a guitar pick with your face on it? Bring an old ID down here and punch out a pick!  We’re always trying to come up with new ideas about how to use our equipment creatively, so come try your hand at making something new, original, and sustainable at the Media Center in the basement of Bosler!  Also, come check out our upcoming event, the Media Exposé on Saturday, April 26!  If you want to submit art to show for the Exposé, hurry! It’s past the deadline but we’re still accepting submissions!

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Earth Day Photo Contest

Earth Vision Trust, founded by James Balog and the recipient of the 2014 Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters Prize for Global Environmental Activism, is holding a Nature Photography Contest to celebrate Earth Day this year! The contest is open to any pro and amateur photographers, and the winners will be chosen by James Balog and his staff. James Balog is famous for his nature photography and his award winning documentary, Chasing Ice.

If you’re interested, you can find more information here.


Small Media Exposé Poster KiaFB e

Media Center Exposé

On Saturday, April 26, the media center will be hosting an event to let students share art and music of any form.  Music, paintings, digital art, films, and any other artistic creations are welcome!  We here at the media center are want to help connect students, provide a small informal art show, and introduce new students to some of the artistic and creative resources that are available on campus.   We are still accepting submissions and would love to have your art featured at the exposé!  For a submission form or more information, visit the media center facebook page or just stop by the media center!  Come have fun and enjoy the artwork and creative expression of your fellow students!  The event starts at 7!

Small Media Exposé Poster3 KiaFB2

Dual Shoulder Mount Rig

DIY PVC Shoulder Rig

Build your own shoulder rig for $25


Sai Grandhi

Hey everyone! I am Sai Grandhi, a freshman studying Computer Science and Mathematics. As you might have guessed, I am a Student Assistant here in the Media Center. I was born and raised in a small town in India called Rajahmundry. Along with my family, we moved to Lusaka, Zambia in Africa when I was 12. Thanks to my father’s job, we moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania when I was 16 years old. So I come to Dickinson with all these experiences and hope to share them with you all. I love watching movies, following cricket highlights and reading novels (dystopian genre).

At Jozani National Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

At Jozani National Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

At present, I work in Tuesdays, 1PM – 2PM. If you would like to pick my brains about Tanzania or Zambia or India or just about anything, feel free to stop by the Media Center.

Luke Kang Stop Motion e

Luke Kang’s Stop Motion Video

Check out Luke Kang’s stop motion piece for Todd Arsenault’s Digital Studio course:


Shot with a Panasonic Lumix LX5 rented from the Media Center and edited with Final Cut.

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