Hey all,

My name is Jiahao Han, but I prefer if you call me Jacky. You might guess that my name has something to do with Jacky Chan, but actually no, my English teacher randomly picked this name for me.

I’m an international student from Xi’an, China, the old capital of China for 13 dynasty, including Qin Dynasty. The famous Terra Cotta Warriors were located within one hour driving distance from my home, and yes, I have the autograph of the farmer who found the first warrior.

I still remember I got my first laptop when I was 12, and unfortunately it was stolen 3 months later. (A thief actually went into my house and stole it!) But my love for technology-related stuff never went away. I love photography, video-editing, music, and of course playing video games. (In case you’re interested, my LOL name is BananaHak)

As you can see from the category, I will become a student assistant in the media center next year. I am really excited about the job, and really looking forward to working with you! I will be sitting in the office and waiting for you like this: photo 1

Nah! Just kidding, I will look like this:

photo 2

Anyway, please stop by the media center and find me. We have really cool stuff to show you!