Month: July 2015


Zoom H1 Audio Recorder


The H1 can record as wav or mp3. Excellent as a stand alone recorder or in conjunction with a lavalier (lapel) microphone. The tripod mount on the back allows for it to be used with a GorillaPod (mini tripod) to elevate it off the table.



  • 16GB microSD card
  • 1Full (based on indicator) AA battery


  • miniUSB to USB cable
  • microSD card adapter
  • bag
  • headphones


  • Olympus WMA audio recorder
  • Olympus WMA or MP3 audio recorder

Use Guides

Here are a couple the basic operations of the device to access the entire manual click here.


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Podcast Nooks Remodeled!


       Over the course of alumni weekend, the media center has remodeled the podcast nooks with new desks from Ikea, bringing a new look, along with a brand new recording set-up. Each podcast nook is equipped with new speakers, bass traps, and condenser mics. They also each have new guitar stands for anyone who brings in a guitar to play in the nooks. This new set-up will optimize the recording experience with easy-to-use speakers that allow you to not only control the output volume, but also control the input volume of any mic connected to them. They also have dials that can control the bass and treble in any sound that’s being listened to or recorded. There are also adjustable arms for the mics,which record in stereo. The new bass traps will help absorb excess sound which provides for higher sound quality. The rooms are perfect for working on group or individual projects that require higher sound quality and minimal interference.

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