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3D printing, a new fashion trend?


With 3D printers the sky is the limit. This incredible technology has been used to help engineers create prototype products, doctors can create plastic bones and DIY-ers around the world create tons of cool and useful gadgets. Even at Dickinson, using the Media Center’s own Makerbot printer, professors from the Mathematics and Earth Sciences departments have created 3D models to enhance their lessons.


One Dickinson student has explored using the technology for something entirely different, fashion. She created a very unique necklace using a template found online on one of the countless forums where people share their designs. The use of 3D printing is a hot new trend in the fashion industry with many designers looking to dream up and print wildly intricate and imaginative works. As the printers continue to become more advance and able to print with different materials their uses will become even more widespread. Just about any industry could benefit from the ability to customize and relative ease that 3D printers offer for turning virtual creations into something physical. The possibilities are endless and the Media Center has the tools that you need to create something awesome!

Various images from the production of the necklace











GoPro Cameras

The Media Center now has GoPro cameras! The GoPro Hero and Hero 3 are compact digital cameras that shoot wide angle video, which makes it great for outdoor use. They also come with a water resistant case and can be used with a variety of mounts and tripods.


USB Flat Microphone

This flat microphone uses a USB connection and can easily lay flat on a table. It also picks up audio in a wide range, making it great for recording a group of people in a room or for conference calls – with its USB connection it works great with Skype.


DSLR cameras

The Media Center also has high quality digital SLR cameras for those looking to take their photography to the next level. Currently, we have Canon Eos Mark II, Canon Eos Rebel T3i, and Fujifilm X-Pro1 available. These cameras are all professional grade cameras and output high quality digital photos. These cameras are available for student use, however students must attend a training session prior to using them.


Power Strips and Extension Cords

Electrical cable accessories for whatever your need.


Headsets and Headphones

We have both headphones that use a standard audio plug (found on most mp3 players, computers, etc.) and headsets that use USB. The USB headsets also include a volume control and a microphone and are great for video calls.


XLR Cables

This cable is generally used for microphones when being used with floor stands, but can be used anytime an XLR cable is needed. Shorter cables (such as for use with a desk stand) and coiled cables (for use with video cameras which have an XLR port) are also available.

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