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Turning Point System Response System

TurningPoint Response System

Turning Point System (Response System)


The TurningPoint response system is a wireless system used to collect responses from your audience during a class or a presentation. Once connected to a computer via USB, the system’s included software can be used to display a question or poll. Audience members then respond on their remotes and the answers are recorded and can be displayed in real time. We have a total of around two hundred remotes and the system can be checked out in with any number of remotes.



The Media Center is happy to introduce it’s newest piece of equipment; A Teleprompter!  The teleprompter will make it much easier for students and professors to work on video projects involving tough or long scripts, without needing to look away from the camera to check a paper copy of the script.  Using the free web site Cueprompter.com, you are able to paste a script and set a scroll speed for the teleprompter, making it useful for any size script being dictated at any speed!  Any students or professors who want to work with this piece of equipment are welcome to, it is available for normal check-outs and reservations.  Here are a couple of pictures of the teleprompter in action!

Smart Airliner

Wireless Smart Slates

Smart Airliner

Our wireless smart slates can be used to draw diagrams or write notes on the fly. With wireless capability they can be used with a computer as you move about, and can be coupled with a data projector for presentation.


Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard is like a typical Apple Keyboard but is enabled with wireless technology, allowing you to type and access a computer from a distance or as you move around.

GIS Posters

GIS Exposition and Poster Symposium

Instructional & Media Service’s own Jim Ciarrocca, will hold a GIS Exposition and Poster Symposium to showcase his students work from the semester.  This is the second year for this event and to say that it is impressive is an understatement.  The students create giant, detailed posters capturing hours of field work data collection and analysis and funneling them into a beautiful, informative displays.  We hope to see you all there!

The Advanced GIS students at Dickinson College will be presenting a GIS Exposition and Poster Symposium on Monday, May 9, 2011, from 9:00am—12:00noon in the HUB Social Hall East.  The exposition will showcase a variety of projects conducted by the students that demonstrate GIS (geographic information systems) methods to investigate and analyze spatial problems of varying complexity.

Included in the symposium will be posters illustrating the use of GIS across a wide variety of disciplines, including environmental assessment, archaeology, geology, food distribution, watershed monitoring, and landscape management.  The exposition will also include informational displays and hands-on demonstrations highlighting other aspects of GIS and spatial literacy.

The exposition is free and open to the public, so attendees are welcome to come and go as their schedule allows – no need for reservations.  The students will be available for discussion throughout the 3-hour session.  Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, please email gis@dickinson.edu or call 717-245-1978

Learn more about GIS at dickinson by going HERE!


Multimedia Presentations


Although Powerpoint is widely used as the main slideshow program, there are interesting alternatives that can give your presentations a different style and depth.  These also are good options for embedding multiple media elements.  The two programs we train on are Prezi & Vuvox.  Both are alternative slideshow programs but deliver the content in very different ways.  These are online programs so they can be edited anywhere and can be left private or opened up for the public to view.


Faculty and Students


Instructor Led-Hands on


30-50 Minutes In Class Time


  • Understand best practices in presenting
  • Understand presentation formatting styles
  • Ability to incorporate audio, video, images and text into a presentation


Vuvox Collage


Haiku Deck


Google Drive

Prezi manual

Clean Slate

Text heavy


Professor Liz Lewis- Educational Psychology Class

View images from Professor Lewis’s student presentations here.


Prezi is a flash based presentation program that is one large canvas where you add multiple images, videos and text.  It doesn’t have traditional slides but instead you can pan and zoom across the canvas in any direction to quickly focus in on one element.  The creator has the ability of programming the Prezi to follow along a certain path so that gives the feeling of a more traditional slideshow.


Vuvox describes itself as a collage and is a rectangular display where you can pan forward or backwards across the collage.  Vuvox lends itself well to a very image rich presentation.  It integrates all of the elements seamlessly and allows you overlap items to keep everything connected.  It also has a cutout function which gives you the tool to cut certain sections out of image so it blends well into the next image, combining the two in a sense.


Prezi-Ted Talk-Metaphor

Prezi – Ted Talk – Chris Anderson

Ted Talk – Sir Ken Robinson

Ted Talks – Jaw Dropping













The Media Center has a variety of speaker sets available which can be used with a computer. These can be used to boost audio for a presentation or when showing video.


Projection Screen

The Media Center has projection screens available for setting up backgrounds for projection, for use with our data projectors.


Presentation Remote

Kensington Wireless Presenter 33374

We have two types of wireless presentation remotes available. Both are easy to use, simply connecting via USB to any computer, and can be used to advance slides or other presentation features without needing to move to the computer. Additionally, our remotes have built-in laser pointers.


Apple Video Adapters

The Media Center has a variety of Apple adapters for connecting Apple MacBooks to various displays, such as TVs and other video monitors, including VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter was designed to allow Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 users to connect the DVI port to an S-video or Composite video device such as TVs, VCRs or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter is designed to work with the DVI port on the Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT) MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Power Mac G5 systems only.

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