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Women from WWII to present day have seen tremendous changes in their professional occupations due to their fight to be seen more as individuals rather than as minorities. The focus… Read more »


The United States of America has an unfortunate trend of fighting for democracy and freedom abroad without giving those same rights to its own people. When America becomes militarily involved,… Read more »

World War I

Uncle Sam (as “Public Opinion”) embracing nurse (“American womanhood”) (1917) This propaganda poster was created by Morris for the Brooklyn Magazine. It was published in the Brooklyn magazine on November 10,… Read more »


This Museum Exhibition will cover topics of inequality in America spanning from the Gilded Age until the Civil Rights Movement. It will focus on systematic inequalities seen in areas of… Read more »


The entertainment and music industry has been historically entrenched in sexist, racist and patriarchal structures. Women have had to fight to enter the industry, all the while their bodies being… Read more »


This project will outline women’s liberation struggles from the 1870’s to the late 1960’s specifically touching on women’s issues during these years regarding sexuality. The exhibition will highlight various women’s… Read more »

The Jazz Age (1920-1940’s) 

Lucille Bogan’s song “Shave Em’ Dry” Lucille Bogan’s song “Shave ‘Em Dry” breaks the moral barriers that previous music in decades before held, explicitly describing and detailing Bogan’s sexual appetite,… Read more »

Women in the Gilded Age (1870’s)

Comstock Act (1873) See Source Here: This is the documentation of the passing of the Comstock Act in 1873 stating that the use of birth control had become completely illegal… Read more »

Rock and Roll (1950-1970’s)

Malone, Bill C., and David Stricklin. “The 1960s and 1970s: Rock, Gospel, Soul.” In Southern Music/American Music, 108-28. University Press of Kentucky, 1979. “The 1960s and 1970s: Rock, Gospel, Soul” provides… Read more »