Reconstruction Era

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The Monthly Review and Religious Magazine, newspaper (1870)

The article above focuses on Hiram Revels who was the first African American Senator. Senator Revels replaced Jefferson Davis and this was viewed as a huge win for African Americans across the country. Senator Revels came from the State of Mississippi so he has first hand knowledge of the violence and deep hatred. The article explains how Senator Revels has been successfully executing his first tasks as a Senator. Even though slavery had just ended, African Americans still had to overcome Jim Crow laws segregation. Most African Americans at this time had very little, so even the smallest amount of inspiration would go a long. Representation matters, and for African Americans to look at the Senate and to see one of their own. The senate meeting took place in Boston, MA in April, 1970.

Harper’s Weekly, article (1867) 

Harper's Weekly

The Harper’s Weekly article shows a picture of African American men casting their vote at the ballot box on November 16th, 1867. The 15th amendment was the last Reconstruction Amendment and it gave African American men the right to vote. Gaining the right to vote was a impactful first step, however, a lot of work still had to be completed. Poll tax, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause would soon be created in order to hinder African Americans from voting. In the South, African Americans would be lynched if they excised their right to vote. The cover of the newspaper speaks volumes due to the fact that Africans Americans were voting at free will and were not under distress. Most African Americans had a difficult time to vote, however, for Harper’s Weekly to post on the cover of the paper African Americans voting, it could start a chain reaction and African Americans from around the world could get inspired.