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  • The difference between Liberal and Critical perspectives on globalization

    Both liberal and critical perspectives have interesting approaches to globalization. I will highlight a few key points from both viewpoints and follow with who I agree with and why. Globalization can have many different terms but in general, it means the increased interconnectedness and interdependence among states around the globe. There is economic globalization, trade […]

  • Egypt and Bangladesh – Hindering Factors of the Global South

    Egypt and Bangladesh have a main factor that affects their progress towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. On both an international and domestic level.   After listening to the well-put-together podcast about Egypt. I learned that water resources are a major struggle for Egypt that seems to hinder its progression toward meeting SDG goals. […]

  • The “Others” in our Communities

    I live in Purcellville, Virginia. It is a small, rural town surrounded by farmland and pastures. The community is relatively small but slowly growing. Reflecting upon my community, I realized Purcellville lacks religious and cultural diversity. Virginia is predominately Christian and Protestant, and in my town specifically, most people are either Catholic or Baptist. I […]

  • Reflection: Home and Belongingness

    The other day I met with students from the American University of Sharjah as part of a virtual exchange project for my International Relations class. After a brief introduction regarding the purpose of our intercontinental collaboration, we were separated into groups so we could introduce ourselves and learn more about our teammates. Once we’d established […]

  • Hello world!

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