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  • SDG Goals

    The MENA states definitely have varying capacities when it comes to how well positioned they are to meet the SDG’s. However, there are many obstacles that these countries face (some the same, some different) which makes it so that they cannot start to allocate the time and resources to trying to meet these goals, despite […]

  • Water Diary

    The most notable thing about my water consumption as compared to that in my region is that per capita/day, some of these countries are using around as much water as I use alone daily. Despite the fact that it looked like the US average was about 1,800 gallons or so per person, and my daily […]

  • The “Others” In Our Communities

    I believe that the process of “othering” is something that we have the ability to do both subconsciously and consciously in our every day lives. In order to determine who is an “other” or an outsider, we must first have some kind of conceptualization of “normal.” Because normal is relative, it is crucially determined by […]

  • Where I Live; Where They Live

    I grew up in Seattle, Washington, where my parents have lived since the 90s. My dad moved to the United States when he was very young, and my mom moved in her 30s when she married my dad. Obviously, then, growing up was an interesting (and often valuable) mix of being born and raised in […]