One thought on “What It Means To be an Activist in Social Movements

  1. In the first paragraph of your blog post you write “Movements are for ideally every and any kind of individual that has many interests on a never-ending spectrum”. I understand and agree that social movements have the capability to address a wide range of conflicts and represent a large demographic of identities. However, in your usage of “every” and “any kind of individual,” I would caution you to not over simplify the political dynamics of a social movement. Although intentions may come from a place of sincerity, it’s possible that within these movements, identities and voices can become unintentionally marginalized or excluded. When considering the power and weight of a social movement, the term “intersection” comes to mind. An intersectional activist creates a safe, inclusive space for dialogue and collaboration which actively avoids overshadowing other identities or voices within or outside of the movement. In my post, I share how Oluo’s friends believe racism will fix itself after the socioeconomic divide is tended to. This works against intersectionality because it fails to consider the population of black americas who exert significantly more to attain similar financial stability to their white coworker based off systematic oppression.

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