Blog Post #3: British & Muslim Identities

Blog Post #3 Due: Thurs 3/7, 9am  //  Comment #3 Due: Thurs 3/7, 10:15am

Cover of Kamila Shamsie's novel, Home FireHow does Kamila Shamsie illustrate the intersection of British and Muslim identities in the first of half of her novel, Home Fire (2017)?

In this blog post, you will provide one specific answer to this question through a close reading of one character of your choice from the first 183 pages of the novel. Focus on just 1 scene involving this character and close read 1 literary device within that scene to develop your answer.

Follow the steps below closely, and be sure to also refer to the Blog Post & Blog Comment assignment sheets as you draft and revise your post and comment.

1. Following your opening hook, introduce the novel & selected character. Provide key publication details for the novel including the author’s full name, novel title (in italics), and year or publication (in parentheses). Briefly summarize the novel’s first 183 pages, and then introduce the specific character you will analyze in this post. Provide concise, specific, details for both the novel and this character. 

2. In the body of your post, introduce the scene and quote you will analyze that centers around this character. Provide enough context for the scene and quote that it makes sense to someone who has not read the novel.

3. Describe what specific effects this device produces. What associations, implications, connotations, or connections emerge from this device and surrounding elements within the text? What do these effects reveal about this character and the intersection of their British and Muslim identity? You will need to re-quote / reference specific elements of the text in this portion of your close reading.

4. Explain how the device produce these effects. What lead you to notice these associations, implications, connotations, or connections? What body of images, images, and meanings are you drawing on in order to suggest these effects? How do these effects illuminate the intersection of this character’s British and Muslim identity? Again, re-quote / reference portions of the text as needed to illustrate your claims.

5. Detail the significance of these effects to your unique answer to this post’s central question. In other words, why do these effects and this literary device matter to your understanding of this character’s British & Muslim identity? Be specific and avoid vague statements and cliches.