Blog Post #4: Vietnamerica

Blog Post #4 Due: Fri 3/22, 5pm  //  Comment #4 Due: Mon 3/25, 5pm

Cover of Vietnamerica graphic novel

  1. Introduce 1 visual pattern that you notice within the first 96 pages of Vietnamerica and which you find compelling. It can be any kind of visual pattern: a recurring image, a particular use of color, a combination of blank / filled space, the framing of a particular image, a link between different panels, etc.
  2. Describe the pattern and explain why you find it so interesting. Consider the following guiding questions: What effects does this pattern produce? How is this pattern reproduced / reimagined within the text? What connections does it call to mind? What does it make you notice within the graphic novel? What is its relationship to the written text within the graphic novel.