Blog Post #5: Race & Multiculturalism in Malaysia & Singapore

Blog Post #5 Due: Fri 4/5, 5pm  //  Comment #5 Due: Mon 4/8, 5pm

Identify one central argument that Daniel Goh and Philip Holden make about how race and multiculturalism function in Malaysia and/or Singapore. Summarize this argument using a combination of paraphrasing and direct quotations (framed in complete sentences).

Then, describe what you find interesting, revealing, or strange about this aspect of Malaysia or Singapore’s multicultural context. Consider, for example, compelling similarities and/or differences to the US / UK contexts we’ve studied thus far. Alternatively, you might discuss how their explanation of these countries’ racial dynamics clarifies or illuminates wider global contexts surrounding theories of race and multiculturalism.

Remember to follow all requirements for blog posts detailed on the assignment sheet, and to categorize your post under “Unit IV: Malaysia.”