2 thoughts on “Multiculturalism

  1. I really appreciate your introduction since it sets the underlying theme of “unfairness” to the rest of the post. You sum up a critical part of Malaysian and Singaporean history involving British colonization, while in turn offering a solution to this problem of “institutionalized identities”. I also connect this problem of racial hierarchy back to issues in the United States. Although we are becoming a more progressive society, there are many races still under the subjugation of these systems historically made to benefit certain races over others. The issues we talked about briefly in class involving how people in Malaysia and Singapore need to identify themselves on documents is similar to what Latinos have to face in America. You make a bold claim of “destroying systems that encourage” preferences of certain races, and while this would help equalize things I can’t imagine a world in where this would ever happen. I think taking time to change these systems to be more inclusive and punish any form of discrimination would be a more plausible form of action.

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