Blog Post #6: OpEd Draft – Close Reading

Blog Post #6 Due: Fri 4/19, 5pm  //  Comment #6 Due: Mon 4/22, 5pm

Course Texts

In preparation for your final OpEd project, this blog post will help you draft a working introduction of your primary text, and two paragraphs of linked close reading. We will then use Tuesday’s class as a workshop to review and revise this draft material, for inclusion in your final project. For this post, you only need to follow the instructions listed below – please ignore the typical blog post structure and word count.

1. Provide a comprehensive introduction (1-2 para.)

    • Introduce your selected literary text: title, author, and year of publication
    • Summarize the text’s content/form: Outline specific aspects of its structure & content including: form, genre, length, characters, events, images, narratives, relationships, etc. Be specific.
    • Briefly situate this text within your selected topic: What should your reader know at the outset about the national, racial, cultural, and/or political contexts from which this text emerges? Give the reader just a brief sense of this context; more specifics about these contexts will be woven into the body of your OpEd. You may use revised material from your source mapping essay, but this material must be carefully linked to your intro of your selected literary text. 

2. Introduce and close read 1 selected quote from your primary text (2 para.) 

  • Provide at least a few sentences that situate the reader within the text and within the scene/quote you want to close read. These sentences should lead into a framed, cohesive, and fluid quote.
  • Then, focus on just 1 specific literary device within this quote. Identify it, and then analyze WHAT EFFECTS it produces, and HOW it produces these effects. 
  • Your answers to the WHAT and HOW questions must make reference to at least 1 other literary device/pattern within the quote.
  • Your close reading should extend into a total of two linked paragraphs that also include a compelling answer to WHY these devices matter. 

3. Format requirements:

  • Categorize your post in the “OpEd: First Draft” section.
  • Include the blog post number at the end of your post.
  • Include an image of your primary text or the selected author, with a caption.
  • Use in-text citations and a correctly formatted Works Cited list.

4.  Comment requirements:

  • Your comment should make a specific suggestion for how your peer might expand their close reading, through attention to another literary device within their selected quote. Alternatively, you might note additional effects tied to the literary devices that your peer has begun to analyze in their post.

5. Preparation for Workshop #1:

  • Create a Word document version of your post to use during our in-class workshop.
  • This version should include the entire text of the post (no images) and must also include a separate Works Cited page.
  • Bring a laptop/tablet with you to Tuesday’s class (4/23) with this Word document on it, so that comments and revisions can be made directly to the document.