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Umbrella Creativity: A Shared Description of Both The UK Premiere of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s Violin Concerto No.2, “Fiddler on the Shore” and The Sir John Soane Museum

September 11, 2009 · 1 Comment

The beauty hit us.

Like waves against

the stones of the shore upon which the fiddler, the architect, played.

It gave way to



                  and with each turn

of a page or corner,

we discovered that

only a new anguished horror awaited us.

Variably, precision melted,

moaned away

into            l     e        g          a             t                o                       s      l       u           r             s





amorphous design. The crashing dissonance           hit us,

poured over us and into our eyes and ears,

unwinding         the         tendrils

of muscle which control

                                          perception and jamming

the cogs

       which regulate a finely-tuned, mechanical reality.

                                   Amidst the breakdown stood a man.        He stood

alone, crazed and removed

and moving

       erratically, creating

buildings and music and life in the midst of chaos.

This sound, this place, is chaos.

Can sound not be

[a place]

? We were told that art is. How can you argue that

this is not art?

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  •   allisonmschell5 // Sep 11th 2009 at 14:04

    Well done Anya! I think you perfectly described how I felt that night at the RAH. Music IS art, even if you can’t see it. Art is meant to be experienced.

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