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  • “Others” in Massachusetts

    “Others” in Massachusetts

    The state of Massachusetts is still highly segregated despite the removal of segregation laws many years ago. Take Boston for example: according to census data, “two-thirds of Boston’s Black residents still live in” Dorchester, Roxbury, or Mattapan. The greater Boston area consists of suburbs that “are at least 90 percent white.” In a state that […]

  • Beirut Barracks Bombing of 1983

    Beirut Barracks Bombing of 1983

    I had limited knowledge of the history of the Middle East, especially before taking this course. Before attending the Clark Forum, “The Beirut Barracks Bombing of 1983,” I knew nothing about this event that ties in so closely to our course content.  The presentation started with a background of the political and social circumstances that […]

  • Us. vs. Them

    Us. vs. Them

    The New York Times report from 2004 covered a conversation between college students in Iraq and the United States. Seemingly the Iraqi and American students had similar “dress, hairstyles and polite manner.” Both groups spoke in English to one another about their lives. However, one notable difference between the Iraqi and American college students was […]