Election Day: Please Vote

Voting Day, Tuesday, November 6, will finally be here in a few days. After months and months of talk from politicians, experts, journalists, and scholars about the midterm elections, it all comes down to one day. We, as students of Dickinson and as citizens of the United States, can use our voices to directly make an impact on who runs our country. Isn’t that powerful?

But maybe you’re thinking that if you don’t vote, big whoop; you’re just one voice so that won’t make a difference. Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have time to vote because you’ve got exams and papers piling up higher than you know. Maybe you’re thinking you’re not informed enough on the candidates or issues, so you’re not obligated to vote. But here’s the thing: voting is easy (and probably only takes 20 minutes total including travel time); your voice DOES make a difference; and it’s easy to get informed if you feel like you aren’t yet. Here’s a link that explains why your vote matters and here’s info about who’s running for U.S. Congress in our district and who’s running for PA House of Representatives.

Here’s some information about things Dickinson is doing to make voting fun, easy, and painless on Tuesday, November 6:

  • “Celebrity drivers” (your fave Professors, staff members, and awesome people) will be driving vans to and from the polling place at Grace Baptist Church (777 W North St., right near the High School)—shuttles will be running from 8 a.m.– 8 p.m.
    • **If you’ve voted before at this polling place, you do NOT need to bring ID to vote! If you’re voting at THIS location for the first time, you need to provide ID, but it can be your Dickinson ID.
  • Dickinson Biking will be leading bike rides to the polls every half hour from 11am-2pm leaving from ATS. So if you want to be a sustainable Dickinsonian, join them for a ride! They’ll have bikes to borrow if you don’t have your own.
  • You could also walk to the church with your pals if you feel like strolling in the brisk October air; it’s only a 15 minute walk (about 0.8 miles).
  • Dickinson people will be there to greet you at the polls.
  • There’ll be free coffee and tea from the Peddler to get you pumped before or after you vote.
  • You get a sticker if you vote! Who doesn’t want a sticker? It’s the next best thing to playing with puppies.
  • And, there’s a non-partisan Election Night Watch Party happening in the Social Hall at 7:30 p.m. WITH FOOD

You’re heard it over and over again at this point: but the importance of voting cannot be overstated. Dickinson’s chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) held a table on Britton Plaza on Thursday where people explained why they vote. Some said “because others don’t have a voice,” some said “to make change,” and still others said “to make my voice heard.” Whatever your reason, vote on Tuesday. It’s one of the single most important things you could be doing that day. As American citizens, we have the opportunity to influence our elected officials, but they’ll only be able to represent you in office if you vote. So take advantage of the shuttles running on Tuesday or the bikes leaving from ATS, or your own 2 legs that are ready to go since you’ve been working so hard in PE class. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

Written by Angelica Mishra ’19, WGRC student worker and Vice President of the Dickinson College AAUW chapter

November 2, 2018