After the meeting with the monster Frankenstein stalls the creation of a female companion. Frankenstein came to the Alps in order to escape his depression, but he finds himself tasked with an even more daunting task. Alphonse suggests that Frankenstein marry Elizabeth, but he refuses burdened by the monster’s task, Victor than leaves for England with Alphonse’s agreement. Frankenstein and Alphonse decide to take Henry Clevarl on a two year tour. Victor and Henry travel all over England.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Causes and Effects of Mass Immigration from developing nations into Europe

Scope: Causes and Effects of mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa into Europe. Immigration has been an issue for generations however, recent immigration has been causing a lot of turmoil amongst the European nations, as more refugees come pouring out of the Middle east and Africa. Europe is having an impossible task to integrate these refugees who smuggle themselves into Europe in masses.… Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

Marx in Soho is a play by Bob Weick that inter-twines Marx into the 21st century, the main trend of the piece is to show that the revolution never occurred. Marx argues with Bakunin that “La Commune de Paris” was the only society close to his teachings. But capitalism works on oppressing others in order to keep its current system intact as such the commune was crushed.

Karl Marx shows the audience how he used to argue with Mikhail Bakunin a Russian anarchist that had very set ideas about the revolution.… Read the rest here

Farmers Market ”, Ronin_Actual, Swag_who,Patrick, Xiufan,

Patrick Riley, Emily Armando, Xiufan Wu, Alvin Lecomte, Max Burrows
First Year Seminar: Modernity and Its Critics

Farmers Market Assignment

Through going to Farmers on the Square Market, our group was able to engage with the vendors to gain insight about how farmers impact the Carlisle community. Our group purchased lettuce mix bags from the Conklin Farms vendor, Joe Conklin, who owns and operates his farm. Conklin Farms is located in Newville, Pennsylvania and is about ten miles away from Carlisle.… Read the rest here