Charlotte Frankenstein

Charlotte Polk                                                                                                                                     Friday Oct.30




The last block of text that was assigned for homework in Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, was from page 107 until the end of the book.  This section starts out with a heavy moral decision for Victor.  To mask his plan, he sets out on a traveling tour.  Wanting to create a new monster leads him with the difficult choice, he knows the implications that will follow if he fails.  During this time, he begins to weigh out the options taking into account the devastation if his new creation leads to the same destruction. … Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Charlotte Polk                                                                                                           Paper Proposal                                                                                                                       Due Date: Oct.12th



I want to examine the inequality of gender nationally (United States of America) and globally.  I hope to compare and contrast how the divide between men and women equality vary from the equality between genders in another country.  Perception of women has been inferior to men throughout the world and continues to be in this century.  Mostly looking at the twenty-first century to retrieve the majority of my facts. … Read the rest here

Marx In Soho


Bob Weick eloquently executed the one man performance: Marx in Soho, written by Howard Zinn.  Karl Marx entered stage right, briefcase in hand ready to share his message.  He enticed the audience of college students and professors, by speaking of some of the outstanding complications he sought out in the 19th century.  In doing so, the correlation was made between the 21st century problems with the 19th century issues.  Throughout the beginning of the play, the matter of ignorance enabling todays society to advance was a strong point that was heard by every person attending the play. … Read the rest here