Frankenstein 60-108

Chapter Nine begins with Victor in a deep depression, even considering suicide, after the death of William and execution of Justine. Realizing Victor’s poor state, Alphonse takes the family on a trip to Belrive. The place’s beautiful scenery gives Victor momentary bliss. However, the depression resurfaces, so he later decides to travel on his own to Montavert hoping the scenery will cheer him up again. He takes in the beauty of the mountains and glaciers and is somewhat comforted by the “sublime” view.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Scope: I will be analyzing how technology (specifically the internet, social media, and smart phones) is impacting social lives, with a focus on interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. I will need to acknowledge all the good that technology has done for bringing us together, especially in increasing political efficacy. However, I want to focus on bringing in research and analyses discussing how technology has impacted our attention spans and communication skills, and how they may have in turn impaired our “real”, in-person relationships as well as our relationships with ourselves.… Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

Emily Armando
In his play Marx in Soho, playwright Howard Zinn resurrects Karl Marx and his ideas by asking his twenty-first century audience to reconsider Marx as more than just a name in a textbook. Through this creative one-man play, Marx comes to life as a relatable human being. He “clears his name” from being associated with failed attempts at communism and establishes a one-on-one relationship with each member of the audience, asking them to consider “What would Marx think?”… Read the rest here