Rights, Revolutions, and Revolutionaries in America and France

Throughout history, declarations have been written in order to make a society aware of the problems it faces, frequently appearing in times of rapid change and revolution. In her Declaration of the Rights of Women, Olympe de Gouge, a prominent female revolutionary in the late 18th century, argues that women deserve to share equality with men in matters concerning government, society, marriage, and all other areas of life.  De Gouge wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Women in response to the Rights of Man, challenging its suggestion that men are superior to women.… Read the rest here

What is Enlightenment?

According to Kant, enlightenment can be attained when man releases his “self-incurred tutelage”. Kant defines tutelage as laziness and cowardice, which man must free himself of. He also believes that tutelage is “almost [man’s] nature”, so man must break away from his natural instincts. He thinks that man must have the courage to use his own reason, and be able to abandon his cowardice. There are some principles that are imposed by government that prevent enlightenment.… Read the rest here