Frankenstein pg.1-61

The Novella Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, begins with the four opening letters, which tell Victor Frankenstein’s narrative through R. Walton’s own narrative. Walton’s narrative discusses the desire of company, friendship, and lack of sympathy regarding Victor’s voyage and experimentation. After the letters, Victor becomes the sole narrator, as he explains his early life story. As a child his family moved around a lot from Naples to Milan to finally Geneva. Victor is very expressive of his dear sister Elizabeth, who to him, represents not only beauty and perfection, but comfort.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Paper Proposal



The problem with the twenty first century, which I will examine, is cyber threats. This paper will specifically focus on the dictatorship of North Korea and their use of cyber hacking to threaten the world economically, politically, and militarily. With the growth of the Internet and social media, cyber hacking has become a popular way for countries to find classified information often times from government networks, and pose public threats to society.… Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

The issue of income inequality in the twenty first century highlights an ongoing struggle in the United States and abroad. The United States’ poverty gap has increased, as the rich are becoming wealthier and the poor are falling behind. The reasons for such causes can be credited to the American capitalist system promoting industry, innovation, and business. However said, the issue has led to other scary realities, such as the increasing popularity of drugs, alcohol, and to the increase of violence.… Read the rest here