The integration debate in Germany

This news described the series of problems Germany faces during the increasing number of immigrants. It brings ideas that immigrants especially those with Muslim and Turkey background are forming a parallel society with German mian stream. With the increasing culture and religion conflicts between immigrants and native some people start to doubt whether the multiculturalism is work for Germany. “with the country’s population shrinking overall, immigrants and the underclass are having too many children, well-educated native Germans too few.… Read the rest here


The Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 which know as the symbol of the establishment of European Union.

The Maastricht Treaty marked the cooperation of European countires became more close and expanded from economic regions to politic, military and diplomatic regions. The predecessor of European Union is European Communities which only made cooperation among economic as European Coal and Steel Community and  European Atomic Energy Community. Now with the new signed treaty Eurpean countries strated more comprehensive cooperation such as common currency and the expansion of Parliament’s power.… Read the rest here

National Organization for Women

Feminist movement had emerged much more earlier than 1960s. After Second World War, feminist rights movement reached another peak. At 1966 National Organization for Women was built Friedan, Betty who is well known by her book The Feminine Mystique. The request of NOW and other feminist movements and organizations in 60s is mainly focused on the inequality in jobs(same work different payment), women’s status in family and discrimination. One of the reason of feminist movements and other right request movement emerging is the shifting of social structure after WWII.Read the rest here

Nazi-Soviet Pact


It’s not surprising that Nazi would make compromission with Soviet Union, their so-called biggest enem because that non-invasion pact let those two nations both benefited.

For Germany, the pact released it from the threaten to face two long battle lines in West and East and temporarily avioded the formation of a larger anti-Germany alliance which included Soviet Union, England and France. In fact in 1939 Soviet Union, England and France had an negotiation in Moscow as well. … Read the rest here

25 points

25 points is the platform of Nazi party written by Hitler, Gottfried Feder and Anton Drexler in 1920. It showed a strong tendency of nationalism and the hatred to the first World War’s treaty.

Author: Hitler, extreme racialist, the well-know leader of Nazi Germany who relatively started the  second World War. Anton Drexler, the founder of Nazi Party, opponent of capitalism. Gottfried Feder, economist of Nazi party, opponent of Jewish banker, founder of Nazi party.

Context: In 1920 Weimar Republic suffered from the ecnonmic crisis and hyperinflation.… Read the rest here

Communist Manifesto

Author: Karl Heinrich Marx, socialist, philosopher, founder of communism theroy and The first international. He is Prussian but had been banished from the nation. He got a deep understanding about how the capitalism system works. His praxis philosophy widely spread.

Context: it published at 1848, England got almost an dominant situation in the world which occupied about 36,000,000 km^2 land all over the world. The first industrail revolution is almost done, workers are in a harsh living condition and the demand of reform is keep increasing.… Read the rest here

Essay on Population

Author: Thomas Robert Malthus, political economist in England, professor of East India Company College. Opponent of optimistic enlightenment opinions. His father is Rousseau’s friend.

Context: Essay on Population was published at late 18th century, England was almost finished the first industrial revolution. Population growed tremendously because of the development of medical technology which decreased the death rate and the increase of food supply by more efficient farming methods and machines. At that time, most of economists believe that population growth has positive effect to economy.… Read the rest here

Supreme Being and La Marseillaise: culture of Franch Revolution

La Marseillaise

As the represent of liberaty, La Marseillaise has been widely spread. It’s sentence reflected the people’s emotion in the early Revolutionary period. This song is full of desire to fight against the monarchy. “Our day of Glory has arrived. Against us stands tyranny, The bloody flag is raised, The bloody flag is raised.(first paragraph 2-4 sentences)” and “To arms, citizens!Form up your battalions  Let us march, Let us march!(second paragraph 1-3 sentences)” Those aggressive and blood burning words reflected the writer’s willing to fight with the tyranny until the end- without the fear of bleeding.… Read the rest here