Frankenstein: pp. 60-108

In the second section of Mary Shelley’s novella Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein finally officially meets his creation. Frankenstein is back in Geneva with family because of his brother William’s death and one day goes exploring in the wilderness. When he finishes scaling some rocks, he notices the figure of a tall, dark person in the distance; this figure turns out to be the being he created. Instead of running away, Frankenstein starts yelling at the creature, who tells him to come to a nearby hut and listen to his story.… Read the rest here

Revised Paper Proposal

SCOPE: I want to examine the effects corporate, or “big,” money has on United States politics. Ever since the Citizens United Supreme Court case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that restrictions on campaign contributions are unconstitutional, large corporations and political action committees (“PACs”) have had significant impacts on election cycles. The decision in that case set the precedent that “corporations are people” and that the more money someone has, the more say he or she has in politics.… Read the rest here

Making Interpretations Plausible: “Marx in Soho”

In Howard Zinn’s one-man play “Marx in Soho,” actor Bob Weick portrayed a Karl Marx brought back from the dead who analyzes the continuation of capitalism in today’s world and how that relates to his work from the nineteenth century. One of his main points was that religion is the “opiate” of the people, meaning a coping mechanism they use to take away the pain of the real world. Although Marx was an atheist, he had no problem with religion being used as a way to deal with people’s problems.… Read the rest here

Farmer’s Market Write-Up (Mollie, Sophie, Long, Spencer, Mychal)

We started out at the Piney Mountain Orchard stand, where we bought some fresh cherry tomatoes. The people there told us that the farm where they grow the produce is located in Adams City, about twelve miles south of Carlisle. They arrived at the farmer’s market around one to two o’clock p.m. with the produce that they picked the day before and the morning of the market. The orchard uses compost and organic fertilizer and is certified naturally grown.Read the rest here