Blog on Pages 60-121

Frankenstein begins to take a turn towards the “monster’s” perspective in pages sixty through one hundred twenty one. While Frankenstein’s perspective still plays a role, the monster’s perspective on life is a heavy feature to this reading. The monster meets with Frankenstein and begins to discuss his life where the reader realizes what the monster has gone through. From first finding out where he was to eventually learning language, the reader can see how truly intelligent this creature is.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal- Spencer Hoey

Tentative thesis
Wealth inequality effects our economy, our people, and our justice system causing so many different problems each year which is why it is the biggest problem of the 21st century.
• Scope and Value- I want to examine the effects the wealth inequality has not only on our economy but how this affects other demographic scenarios. Wealth inequality is a huge problem in today’s society and has been for a very long time. The unequal distribution of our money has caused not only problems relating to the poverty rate but I believe that much more damage has come from this issue.… Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

Spencer Hoey
Howard Zinn’s Karl Marx in Soho play provides a first person narrative from “Karl Marx” about how he believes that his ideas are still relevant today. The character engages with the audience as if he was still alive. Throughout the play, Karl Marx argues that the capitalist system from 200 years ago is still relevant today causing so many to suffer which is why a change is needed.
The play begins with Marx talking about how the Marxist Society of London misinterpreted his ideas and how much stress this caused him.… Read the rest here