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  • How do international factors empower or hinder some states of the Global South in making progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals compared to other states?

      Since decolonization took place, the global south has been grappling with a wide variety of both advancements and challenges. While there are many positives and negatives in the global south’s march towards implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, perhaps the biggest challenge is how various nations are financially dependent on the International Monetary Fund […]

  • Globalism

    “What are the most important ways in which liberal and critical IR scholars differ in their analysis of globalization? Which analysis do you find more persuasive, and why?”   Globalization is viewed in a fundamentally different light by both liberalism and constructivism. Liberals views globalization as overwhelmingly positive for humanity, however critical scholars have a […]

  • Others

      “Other” In my communities   People have been putting people into groups for as long as there have been people who have been capable of intelligent thought, and I am no exception to that. I am a part of the freshman class of Dickinson College, and it’s a bit of an exclusionary group, that […]

  • Differences

    Image Link  During my fairly short time alive so far, I have lived in a variety of different environments and have been able to clearly see the differences in where I have lived. I was born all the way over in Los Angeles, California, before moving to Michigan and then to Atlanta, Georgia. All these […]

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