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  • Gulf Futures

    The US-led coalition against Saddam Hussein following his invasion of Kuwait in 1990 saw a stronger bond emerge between states in the Middle East and the West. While this invasion resulted in great success for the Coalition forces, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 brought about a series of great divides in the region […]

  • Barriers to Sustainable Development in MENA

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals seek to establish guidelines and a series of goals for States to achieve in order to push themselves to be better for their citizens, as well as for the environment of the planet as a whole. Given the nature of these goals and the upfront costs to achieving some of […]

  • Water Diary

    The water footprint of the average US household ranks among the largest in the world, at 1,802 gallons per day. Despite this, as a result of my own lifestyle choices, the water footprint I create is far lower, at only 1,128 gallons of water used per day. A large piece of the calculation for this […]

  • The “Others” in Our Communities

    There are a number of communities in which I have been quite involved in throughout my time both on and off campus. What I have undoubtedly spent the most of my time doing, especially since settling in New Hampshire, is hiking and backpacking. Due to the beauty of the area, I have had the pleasure […]

  • “Where I live; Where they live”

    For nearly all of my adolescent life, I have moved around from state to state due to my father’s job in the USMC. I was born in California, but later moved to Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, before finally settling in New Hampshire. I would undoubtable refer to myself as an American, but also a resident […]