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  • Clarke Forum Reflection 2

    The Clarke Forum on Monday April 24th was a talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the so-called “two state solution.” The presentation began with a discussion of how the date, April 24th, was appropriate for the content of the talk. April 24th is Memorial Day in Israel, where individuals who were lost in the Israel-Palestine […]

  • SDG Goals in the Global South

    After completing the research for my own podcast, discussing my findings with some of my peers, and listening to several of their podcasts, it appears to me that there are a few key factors that seem to be inhibiting or allowing for achievement of the SDG goals in the countries of the global south. One […]

  • Clarke Forum Reflection

    After attending Tuesday’s Clarke Forum, which was a panel discussing the war in Ukraine, I found myself to be somewhat surprised by what was and was not discussed. The panelists covered the cultural, social, and economic impacts of the conflict, and hypothesized about what the future may entail. I was most surprised to hear one […]

  • Otherness 2/21

    In thinking about communities and the concept of “otherness,” my first thought is how I personally have experienced the feeling of being an “other” in my lifetime. Any and every group is its own community, and therefore there are outsiders and others. I moved at the age of ten and started a new school in […]

  • International Exchange 1/31

    During our conversation last week with the students from the American University of Sharjah, we discussed our home towns and how they compared to where we live now. I am from Brewster New York, which is outside of New York City. Among the other Dickinson students that I spoke with, were individuals from here in […]

  • Hello world!

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