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Make a Museum from Home!

Here’s how our staff members used this prompt from Luci Creative to make an at-home exhibition with his son! Collections Manager, James Bowman offers his thoughts on the project:

What’s an exhibition designer/registrar to do when he is separated from his collection, can’t work in galleries on his next show, but is responsible for the education and child care of his six year old son? You make an exhibition at home.  The designers at Luci Creative, a global exhibition design company, provided ideas and templates on how to make your own home projects, like an exhibit box case. My son Dash and I decided to give it a try.  All you need is a cereal box, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a little tape, and the light from your cell phone.  The end product is perfect for small items like matchbox cars, miniatures, or your little sculptures.  Make a few and stage your own show.

Caught in the spirit of displaying his works, Dash took the idea of making a personal exhibitionoutside and put together a shelf of curiosities. Much like the cabinet of curiosities from the 19th century, your kids can make shelf arrangements with the various toys and items of interest they find.  My kindergartener liked to sorting the objects, counting the number of each type, and then placing them in specific patterns.  If your kids are like mine, take a picture and don’t try to move anything.  Show them some images from your favorite museums and see if they understand the installation of an exhibition in a new way.  If they like the activity enough, you can achieve a good room cleaning while enhancing their appreciation of art.

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