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Creative Kids Craft: Paper Doves with Meredith!

The inspiration for this project is a print by Pablo Picasso entitled Dove of Peace with Rainbow (Colombe Volant). This 1952 color lithograph shows Picasso’s famous peace dove in front of an arching rainbow.
Pablo Ruiz Picasso(1881 – 1973)
Dove of Peace with Rainbow (Colombe Volant)
Color lithograph on paper, 26 x 33.25 in. 
10/10/1952, 20th c., 1969.1.27
Gift of the Doctors Meyer P. and Vivian O. Potamkin


Initially, a live white dove was given to Picasso as a gift from the artist, Matisse. Picasso used the dove in his work frequently even going so far as to name his daughter, Paloma, the Spanish word for dove.

The craft today is inspired by Picasso’s dove as we’ll be making a white dove from a paper plate!
What you will need:
1 white paper plate uncoated
Magic markers, assorted colors
Step 1:
Take your paper plate, and cut the dove’s tail feather’s, body and head shape out of the paper plate.
Step 2:
Cut the the dove’s wings out of the sides of the paper plate as shown.
Step 3:
Glue Wings behind dove’s body as illustrated
Step 4:
Using the extra paper plate, cut a small triangle, a beak, out and glue the edge to the side of the dove’s head.
Step 5:
Now, using your magic markers, or crayons, paint or colored pencil depending on what coloring materials you have on hand, begin to decorate your beautiful dove.
First put one dot on your dove’s head to make an eye. Feel free to elaborate on your eye or even use a googly eye if your prefer.
Next, color your beak yellow or orange.
Now begin to color the feather’s of the dove’s wings. If you like, you can select colors inspired from Picasso’s background rainbow or choose whatever colors you like. This dove is your blank canvas.
In the fluting of the paper plate wing, I colored each indentation with an elongated teardrop shape until the feathers or fluting was colored a different color.
Enjoy decorating your dove as you wish!
– Meredith Costopoulos
The Trout Gallery, Visitor Services

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