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Rosa’s Spark: Redressing Racism Through Art

Artist Steve Prince created this image as part of a larger body of work designed as an open letter to Americans calling them “to acknowledge their role within the fabric of the American family and to redress race, representation, and education with a new raiment woven of respect, truth and equality.”  Consider Prince’s mission in the context of the imagery presented here.

Detail, Steve Prince (b. 1968),
Rosa Sparks, Linocut on paper, 39.2 x 51.6 in.,
2017, 2017.21
Purchase of The Trout Gallery

What is going on in this image? How do you see the role of Rosa Parks (seated at the front of the bus) within this representation?  What does this image mean to you, personally?

“We are all living epistles,” notes Prince, “whether we want to be or not.”

We welcome your thoughts and comments.


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