Unintentional Art

Unintentional Art is a developing image and text based dialogue series that can be found across The Trout Gallery’s social media. The photo series was created by our 2020 Trout Gallery Student Assistants as an assignment in our Training Week. In teams, our students submitted different proposals for social media engagement. Danielle Paz, a Spanish Assistant a The Trout Gallery, writes the following about her team’s idea for Unintentional Art:


“Throughout our at-home commitments this summer, we have witnessed the birth of many new forms of art. Our world’s suffering of a global pandemic, and the civil unrest due to the unjust killings of black men and women has caused for a powerful rise in art. Our cities have been flooded with signs, graffiti, vandalism, peaceful protests and more–often compiled by the communities they are found within. From street signs saying, ‘Don’t Kill Us,’  to new outdoor art exhibits, and the MET’s recent reopening (marking a significant return to museum settings). Art is everywhere–whether that’s a traditional museum setting or not. This project “Unintentional Art” is meant to probe Dickinsonians and viewers to look deeper into the things that surround you, and question: What makes art? Is it always intentional? And, finally, how does Unintentional Art tell a story that we are unable to?”


Photo taken by Trout Student Spanish Assistant, Danielle Paz. 2020.

What questions do you have about this image?

Where might you see something like this?

Does it belong in a museum, or someplace else?

Does it remind you of any artworks you have seen in a traditionally artistic space?



Let us know what you think about our showcased Unintentional Artworks!

Have a submission? You can send your Unintentional Art to martuccb@dickinson.edu.

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