Senior Studio Speak

Senior Studio Speak: Clara Roth


Clara Roth 

Clara Roth is a studio art and environmental science double major at Dickinson College. Photography has been means for her to document and explore social and human rights issues. Previous work has explored and documented stories from the opioid epidemic, Rwanda’s rebuilding, and refugees’ relocation in Idaho. 

This series explores the divisive 2020 Presidential Election in the United States. Roth wrestles to understand the motivations of those on the opposite side of the political spectrum through imagery and hopes viewers can do the same as they decipher photographs and digital collage alike. 

Visit Clara’s site HERE.

what democracy looks like
Digital Photography
Nov. 4, 2020


trump’s america
Digital Collage


count every vote
Digital Photography
Nov. 4, 2020


election preparation
Digital Photography
Nov 2020


the change Digital Collage 2020


stop the count
Digital Photography
Nov. 7, 2020


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