Senior Studio Speak

Senior Studio Speak: Ernest Entsie

Ernest Entsie is a 21 years old artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He was born and raised in Agona Swedru, Ghana and immigrated into the United States in 2013. He is a senior studying Studio Arts and Political Science at Dickinson College. His work focuses on highlighting black experiences, identities, sexualities, and representation of marginalized individuals. His work bridges across portraiture, landscape, and fashion photography, often incorporating vibrant color schemes. Art is an essential part of his life, especially as an artist of color. And, he hopes to inspire other artists of color to pursue careers in the creative industry while also creating conversations around the topics he tackle in his work.

Visit Ernerst’s site HERE.

Alone, photography, 2020


America vs. me, photography, 2020


Finding self (1/2), photography, 2021


Finding self (2/2), photography, 2021


Gone too soon, photography, 2020


Obsession, photography, 2020


Will I make it?, photography, 2020.

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