Senior Studio Speak

Senior Studio Speak: Ruodan Que

With her first name pronouncing the same as the French sculptor Rodin, Ruodan Que is a Chinese painter working with mixed media including oil, pastel, and watercolor. Often featured with a whimsical space and obscured interpretations of subjects, Que’s works are largely the snippets of her fleeting consciousness and memories. The series starts on a personal note but through the distortions of the familiar, it expects to invoke an emotional resonance nonetheless. In her free time, Que enjoys scuba diving and winning in an internal philosophical debate. 

Visit Ruodan’s site HERE.

Photo of Ruodan Que


Blue Ideas, 24 x 32 cm (actual) 42 x 56 cm (print) Color Pencil, Color Pastel on Paper


Flesh, flesh, flesh, 36 x 48 cm (actual & print) Color Pastel on Paper


Girl in Checked, 36 x 48 cm (actual & print) Color Pastel on Paper


Habana, 12 x 16 cm (actual & print) Color Pencil, Watercolor on Paper


To the Wild (No Man’s Land), 36 x 48 cm (actual) 28 x 37 cm (print) Color Pastel on PaperTit


The Magical, the Fantastical, and alike, 12 x 16 cm (actual & print) Watercolor on Paper

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