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Interview With Dr. Nordgren

Trout Interpretation Assistant Jackson Rhodes sat down with Dickinson’s newly-appointed Director of LGBTQ Services, Dr. Todd Nordgren. They discussed LGBTQ representation and how photographer Lissa Rivera is interacting with artistic traditions to tell new stories.   Jackson: Art classes often provide comfortable environments for students to engage in discussions of social issues, political topics, and …

Object Stories

A New Hope: Dali and Surrealism

It seems as though in recent months after any bad thing happens, it’s required to say something like “Yeah, 2020’s rough.” The connection between something tragic occurring and this year frustrates me.  While I’m urged to say that correlation isn’t causation, and the Gregorian calendar cannot be blamed for societal calamity, this frustration remains because …

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Iran, Islam, and an Illumination: The Case of the Triangular Frame

In 1965 The Trout Gallery acquired a beautiful illuminated miniature featuring Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.  Little was known of this miniature at the time, but in 2017 a visiting professor of Islamic Art approached The Trout Gallery about using the object in one of her classes.  During her session at The Gallery, she identified the …