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Soul Food

Pausing For Fall

During an ordinary year at Dickinson, this long weekend—the midpoint break of Fall Pause—would be full of movement and smiles. Students would go home for some well-deserved rest, travel with friends, or relax in the quiet on-campus. Now, with the semester online, any plans are uncertain—and the stress of midterms lingers on.   Are you …

Soul Food

Unintentional Art

Unintentional Art is a developing image and text based dialogue series that can be found across The Trout Gallery’s social media. The photo series was created by our 2020 Trout Gallery Student Assistants as an assignment in our Training Week. In teams, our students submitted different proposals for social media engagement. Danielle Paz, a Spanish …

Focus of Audio Meditation.
Soul Food

Slow Art

The unprecedented circumstances we face each day during COVID-19 bring jumbled thoughts, constant worries, and challenging decisions.  It’s no wonder that many of us feel like the very ground under our feet is unstable.  I can think of no better time to turn attention to our mental health, finding ways to slow our thoughts, ground …