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Tales From the Vault

The Big Build: Part II

The often-quoted Robert Burns line “the best laid plans of mice and men,” which originally used the word “schemes” but I’m guessing that Burns would forgive us, aptly describes the last weeks of many installations, especially one with as many customized parts as In the Light of the Past. I had originally planned on talking …

Tales From the Vault

The Big Build: Part 1

After attempting, and succeeding, at setting the record for longest time between posts, I am back with another entry for the Tales from the Vault. The wait, however, will have been worth it as I have been working on the first new exhibition for the Gallery since February 2020.  Considering we are all still operating …

Tales From the Vault

True Blue

Well, it’s been a while since our last Tales from the Vault — things behind the scenes at the museum have been busy with virtual gallery installations, cataloguing, updating collections databases, and matting and framing future exhibitions. Not that I haven’t been thinking about this column during this busy stretch, though. In fact, one item …