Our Collections and Exhibition Manager, James Bowman, offers insights and stories from our vault!

Tom Baril, Chrysler Building, Gelatin silver print on paper
20 x 16 in., 1995

The Big Build: Part 1

James Bowman is back with another entry for the Tales from the Vault. He has been working on the first new exhibition for the Gallery since February 2020…


Photo taken by James Bowman

The Big Build: Part II

In this Tales from the Vault, James Bowman walks us through the challenges of displaying works for In Light of the Past. Hidden walls, cutout shelves, and light boxes… oh my!


World War I Poster, “True Blue,” 1919

True Blue

One item that came to the gallery for an upcoming show was particularly interesting from a conservation perspective. Actually, it’s really two of the same particular item…


How to Hang a Frame… Perfectly

Ever been to a friend’s house and wonder why all the picture frames are hovering mere inches from the ceiling or way above the couch? Or is that your house?


Crates: Inside the Padded World of Art Packing

How do you pack an ornate bronze sculpture or a large plaster frame for a trip across country on a truck? “Carefully.”