The Trout Gallery is Pleased to Present


2020 Senior Studio Art Majors


Featuring the work of Meggie Bromberg, Cait Castineiras, Shiyi Chen, John De Anda, Bryce Delaney, Elizabeth Gallo, Sarah House, Karissa Kendricks, Zoe Kiefreider, Alice Kuklina, Cecelia Lamancusa, Rose McAvoy, Peter Skutt, and Maggie Wen, under the direction of Todd Arsenault with Andrew Bale, Anthony Cervino, Ward Davenny, and Rachel Eng.



We are so proud of the students for creating these impressive works while shifting to an online and at-home studio platform. While we are saddened we cannot feature these works in our galleries, we are so excited to share what these students have made digitally.


“Art is produced under widely ranging conditions and circumstances. The unexpected developments that transpired this semester forced these students to finish their thesis work in circumstances that were less ideal than how they started. The semester was half over when the announcement came that on-campus classes would be suspended, due to the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation, and students would have to return home to complete the semester remotely. At that time, the 14 seniors in this group were just about a month away from the exhibition that would highlight two semesters of intensive artistic investigation, with that final month representing the crucial push to resolve works-in-progress…”

-Todd Arsenault

Associate Professor of Art

May 2020

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To view a digital compilation of each artist’s body of work:

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